tree stump with cracks

Shave Down Your Tree Stumps

We perform stump grinding in Garland & Mesquite, TX

After we remove a tree from your property, the job isn't quite done. Our team can perform stump grinding to fully get rid of the tree.

J. Valdez Tree Service offers stump removal service serving Garland & Mesquite, TX. We have professional tools that make it easy to grind down any stump low enough to fill the remaining hole with dirt and cover with grass seed. When we're done, you won't even be able to tell that a tree was there.

Hire us today to get rid of your old trees and unsightly stumps.

There are a few good reasons to get stump grinding service after removing a tree. A tree stump:

  • Poses a dangerous tripping hazard in your yard
  • Can become a breeding ground for insects
  • Lowers the curb appeal of your property

Make your land look its best with stump removal service from J. Valdez Tree Service. Email us now to schedule a visit from our team.